Configure INDI

The INDI page allows you to modify Client side INDI specific options. The window is divided into several main categories: General, Automatic device updates, Display, Update Source, Filter Wheel and Server Port:

  • General

    • Default FITS directory: Specify the directory where all captured FITS images will be saved to. If no directory is specified, images will be stored in $HOME.

    • Telescope port: The default telescope port. When you connect to a local or remote telescope service, KStars will automatically fill the telescope's device port with the specified default port.

    • Video port: The default video port. When you connect to a local or remote video service, KStars will automatically fill the webcam's device port with the specified default port.

  • Automatic device updates

    • Time: Update the telescope's date and time, if supported, upon connection.

    • Geographic location: Update the telescope's geographical location information (current longitude and latitude), if supported, upon connection.

  • Display

    • Device target crosshair: When checked, KStars displays the telescope's target crosshair on the sky map. The crosshair is displayed upon a successful connection to the telescope and its location is updated periodically. The telescope's name is displayed next to the crosshair. KStars displays one crosshair per each connected telescope. To change the color of the telescope's crosshair, open the Configure KStars window. Select the Colors tab, and then change the color of the Target Indicator item to the desired color.

    • INDI messages in status bar: When checked, KStars displays INDI status messages in the KStars status bar.

    • Automatic Display of FITS upon capture: When checked, KStars will display captured FITS in KStars FITS Viewer tool. If you use the Capture Image Sequence tool, all captured images will be saved to disk regardless of this option.

  • Update Source: Synchronize KStars according to either the computer or device time and location settings.

  • Filter Wheel: Assign color codes to the filter wheel slots (e.g. Slot #0 Red, Slot #1 Blue..etc). You can assign color codes for up to 10 filter slots (0 to 9). To assign a color code, select a slot number from the drop down combo box, and then type the corresponding color code in the edit field. Repeat the process for all desired slots and then press OK.

  • Server Port: Specify range of ports that INDI Server will bind to when starting new drivers.