Available Settings

A toolbar is provided for quick access to some settings. You can click on a button to have a new game (i.e. a new word), to see the hint or to quit the game. The theme is easily changed via a combo box on the toolbar.

In SettingsConfigure KHangMan... you will find tree pages. The first one is for General settings.

General Settings

KHangMan General settings

Require more guesses for duplicate letters: this is unchecked as default. When unchecked, if you try the letter "a" and the word has several as, they will be all displayed. For example if the word is "potato" and you try "o", both os will be diaplayed. If you check this option however, only the first "o" will be displayed and you will have to try it one more time to display the second "o" in "potato". This increases the difficulty.

Enable animations: the default is checked, that means that when you win a game, a message box will be displayed to tell you that you won and ask you if you want to play again. If you uncheck this option, this dialog is not displayed anymore, instead a new game starts directly after 3 seconds.

Enable hints globally: the default is unchecked. Hints are not shown. If you check this (or use the Show Hints icon or the SettingsShow Hint menu or use the shortcut Ctrl+H), a hint will be displayed above the word to guess to help you find the word more easily.

In the Sounds section, if you check Enable sounds then a sound will be played on new game and another sound will be played when you win a game.

Languages Settings

The Languages Settings tab allows you to set some settings specific to some languages. If the settings are not available for the language you are playing in then those settings will be grayed and disabled so you cannot choose them.

KHangMan Languages Settings

Type accented letters is available for Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan in KHangMan's configuration dialog. If you check Type accented letters then you will have to type all accented vowels (like „). If this remains unchecked, when you type any vowel, all accented vowels will be displayed as well.

Timers Settings

The Timers Settings tab allows you to set Time for displaying the Already Guessed Letter tooltip.

KHangMan Timers Settings

Time for displaying the Already Guessed Letter tooltip allows you to increase or decrease the time for displaying the Already Guessed Letter tooltip. This tooltip is a label which appears when you tried a letter that was already tried. Some people will want not to see it for long while children will need time to understand it and thus will need to set the display for a longer duration.