A few tips

In English, try to guess the vowels first. Then have a go with the most common consonants: l, t, r, n, s

When you see io, try n after that, in French and English.

In Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Spanish and Portuguese, the accented vowels can be discovered when you type the non accented corresponding vowel. For example, all the accented a are displayed in the word when you type a. This is when Type accented letters on the Languages page of KHangMan's configuration dialog is not checked. When Type accented letters is checked, then you have to type the accented letters yourself. When you type a, only a is displayed and you have to type for example „ for this letter to be displayed.

Did you know? In English, the most common letter is e (12.7%), followed by t (9.1%) then a (8.2%), i (7.0%) and n (6.7%).