Chapter 2. Using Kanagram

Table of Contents

Playing a game

Here is the screen that is presented on startup of Kanagram, showing the main interface to the application. Much of the window is taken up by the blackboard, where the puzzles are written onto, with the filing cabinet on the right containing application controls:

Kanagram screenshot
  1. The Vocabulary Switcher allows the user to quickly change the active vocabulary by clicking on it: the left mouse button advances to the next vocabulary, with the right mouse button allowing you to return to the previously-played vocabulary.

  2. In the center of the blackboard is the anagram puzzle to be solved.

  3. This is the Start/Stop Timer button, and allows you to start or stop scoring timer.

  4. When the Hint button is clicked, a short sentence will appear, describing the current word puzzle.

  5. The Reveal Word button solves the current word puzzle.

  6. The Entry Box allows you to input your attempts to solve the current word puzzle.

  7. The Enter button lets you check if your answer is correct. This function is also provided by the Enter key.

  8. This is the Configure button, which opens the Configure Kanagram dialog.

  9. The Help button is special, in that it reveals 3 sub-buttons. These buttons are shown when the Help button is hovered over, and provide access to the Kanagram Handbook (this document), the About Kanagram and the About KDE dialogs:

    Kanagram screenshot

  10. The Quit button closes the application.

Playing a game

Now that you are familiar with the interface of Kanagram, lets play a game!

  1. Using the Vocabulary Switcher, select the vocabulary theme that you would like to attempt. A word from this vocabulary will then be presented in the middle of the blackboard. Now, try and guess what word the jumble of letters represents.


    If you cannot guess what the word is, press the Hint button to get some friendly advice from your friend in the filing cabinet:

    Kanagram hint

  2. Once you think you know the correct answer, type it into the Entry Box below the blackboard. Either press the Enter key, or click on the Enter button to the right of the Entry Box to check your answer: it will change green on a correct answer, and red on an incorrect attempt:

    answer highlighted
  3. If you were correct, try and guess the next word! Alternatively, you can attempt one of the many other vocabularies bundled with Kanagram.