Chapter 1. Window Specific Settings: Quick Start

Here you can customize window settings specifically only for some windows.


Please note that this configuration will not take effect if you do not use KWin as your window manager. If you do use a different window manager, please refer to its documentation for how to customize window behavior.

Many of the settings you can configure here are those you can configure on a global basis in the Window Behavior System Settings module, however some of them are even more detailed.

They encompass geometry, placement, whether a window should be kept above or below others, focus stealing prevention, and translucency settings.

You can access this module in two ways: from the titlebar of the application you wish to configure, or from the System Settings. If you start it from within System Settings you can use the New... to create a window profile, and the Detect Window Properties button on the resulting dialog to partially fill in the required information for the application you wish to configure.

You can also at any time Modify... or Delete any stored settings profile, and reorder the list. Reordering the list using the Move Up and Move Down buttons effects on how they are applied.