Chapter 6. Window Attributes

The attributes which can be set are grouped by function in three tabs:

  1. Size & Position

  2. Arrangement & Access

  3. Appearance & Fixes

Each attribute has a set of parameters which determines its disposition.


Each attribute, minimally, accepts one of the following parameters. Additional, attribute-specific arguments are listed within each attribute definition.

Do Not Affect

Ensure a subsequent rule, which matches the window, does not affect the attribute.

Apply Initially

Start the window with the attribute and allow it to be changed at run-time.


Use the attribute setting as defined in the rule and if changed at run-time, save and use the new value instead.


The setting cannot be changed at run-time.

Apply Now, Force Temporarily

Apply/Force the setting once and unset the attribute.The difference between the two is at run-time, Apply Now allows the attribute to be changed and Force Temporarily prohibits it to be altered until all affected windows exit.


For Apply Now, if the rule has no other attributes set, the rule is deleted after evaluation whereas Force Temporarily, the rule is deleted after the last affected window terminates.