Splash Screen

Anne-Marie Mahfouf

Revision KDE 4.5 (2010-09-25)

This module provides an interface to install and view splash screen themes.

The splash screen manager module

On the left you can see the list of already installed splash screens. The current splash screen name is highlighted.

On the right is displayed a preview of the current splash screen with some information about it below the preview.

Get New Themes...

You need to be connected to the Internet to use this action. A dialog will display a list of themes from the http://www.kde-look.org website. Clicking the Install button associated with a theme will install this theme locally.

Installing a new theme

This new theme is immediately available after you close the System Settings Add-On Installer dialog and is highlighted. The preview displays the picture. You need to click the Apply biutton to make this theme your current splash-screen theme.

Install Theme File...

Instead of installing a theme directly as above you might have a tarball of a theme locally that you want to install. Clicking on this button will open a file dialog and you choose the tarball of the theme you want to install. The installer then unpacks the theme locally and makes it immediately available in the themes list.

Remove Theme

Removing a theme means removing the theme files from your disk. A message box warns you before doing anything and indicates to you what it will remove. Clicking on Delete in this message box will remove the splash screen theme from your disk. Clicking Cancel will abort the remove action. If you choose Delete, the theme is then no longer available in the list.

Test Theme

This shows you the theme and the associated icons as they will be displayed as splash screen when KDE starts. Clicking on the splash screen hides it.