Information Sources

Ben Cooksley

Revision KDE 4.10 (2012-11-17)

This System Settings module allows you to change the order of the backends used by Solid to retrieve information about your hardware, and manage its network connection, bluetooth and infrared devices if present. None of these backends can be used directly by the user.

To use e.g. a different network management backend, select it, and move it up to the first position using the arrow buttons next to the list. Then the Apply button will be available.

Network Management Backend

This is used by KDE applications to determine the status of your computers connection to the Internet and other networks. It also allows them to retrieve information such as the current configuration of your network cards, and to change their configuration if permitted.

Remote Control Management Backend

Used by KDE applications to handle input from devices such as infrared remote controls.

Modem Management Backend

A D-Bus interface to communicate with mobile broadband (GSM, CDMA, UMTS, etc.) cards.