Screen Locker

Mike McBride

Revision KDE 4.12 (2013-12-05)

Screen Locker

Using this module, you can choose your screen saver, determine how much time must pass before the screen saver is activated, and add or remove password protection to your screen saver.

Setting the time, priority and passwords for screen savers.

At the top is a check box to have the screen saver Start automatically after, and a spin box which determines the period of inactivity before the screen saver should be started. You can enter any positive number of minutes in this box.

Below that is a check box labeled Require password after. If it is checked, when you click a key or click a mouse button to end the screen saver after the time in the spinbox and return to your work, you must enter a password. The password used is the same password you used to login to your machine. If there is no mark in the check box, no password is required to return to your desktop.

Locking the desktop manually causes the password protection to engage immediately.

Choosing the screen saver, and configuring its options

Use the Simple locker option for a basic unlock dialog that prompts for a password.

If you would like to have some interactive widgets like notes or a player on the locked screen saver, select Desktop Widgets and click the Configure... button to select your favorite widgets.

To enable the selection of all available screen savers select the Screen saver option. You can select a screen saver by simply clicking on its name. Once you have selected a screen saver, you will see a small preview on the monitor on the right.


The preview monitor will often show the screen saver larger than it is when the screen saver is activated. This is done on purpose, since many of the details of the screen savers would be unintelligible if actually scaled down to such a small size.

Each screen saver has a different set of setup options. By clicking on Setup..., a dialog box will appear with all available options. As you adjust the options, the preview box in the dialog box will show you what effect you will achieve with the current settings.

When you are done setting up your screen saver, click OK.

Clicking Cancel will erase any changes you made in this dialog box, and return you to the screen saver module.

For most screen savers a description, Copyright and Author information is shown directly in the dialog, for others you need to click the About button to read this information.

When you think you have all the options set the way you want, simply click on Test to immediately start the screen saver exactly as it will appear.

Using a non-KDE screen saver

KDE does not prevent another screen saver from working. To use a different screen saver, such as xscreensaver, simply disable the KDE Screen Saver, and set up your other screen saver program normally.