Window Decorations

Rik Hemsley

Anne-Marie Mahfouf

Revision KDE 4.12 (2013-12-05)

Window Decoration

This module allows you to select a style for the buttons and borders around windows.

Window Decorations

Window Decoration Configuration Module

Choose a window decoration style from the preview list, using the search field at the top of the screen.

The KDE default window decoration is called "Oxygen".

Each style has a different look, but also a different feel. Some have (sometimes invisible) resize borders all around the edge, which make resizing easier but moving more difficult. Some have no borders on certain edges. One (BII) even has a dynamically sized and positioned title element.

You are encouraged to experiment with the different styles until you find one which best suits your pattern of work.

Below the preview pane you find three buttons to open configuration dialogs for decoration and buttons of the selected style or to download additional styles.


In this dialog you can change the decoration of the window. The available options depend on the selected style.

Oxygen Decoration Options


This dialog allows you to customize the buttons location on the titlebar. You can move Close button to the left for example. Check the Use custom titlebar button positions option in order to customize your titlebars. Then use the KDE titlebar below and the buttons on its left and right to rearrange them as you want them.

Window Decoration Configuration Module

By default, Show window button tooltips is checked and tooltips are shown.

This page has instructions directly on it - just drag around the buttons until you have the order that makes you comfortable.


Not all the window decorations are able to comply with your custom set button order. The ones that cannot are being converted, but at the time of this release they have not been all been changed.

Apart from choosing the window decoration itself, you can choose here two further options: if there should be a tooltip while you hover your mouse over a window decoration button, and if the window decoration should attempt to use a custom set button order.


The tooltips can be quite useful if you have set a custom button order, and then changed to an unfamiliar window decoration.


For accessibility purposes, some window decorations support extra wide borders. If this is available, you can also choose a border size here. These large borders are easier to see for low vision users, and easier to grab for people with limited mobility or difficulty using a mouse.