Desktop Effects

Mike McBride

Revision KDE 4.12 (2013-12-05)

Desktop Effects


This module is used to configure desktop effects for KDE.

This panel is divided into three tabs: General, All Effects and Advanced.

General tab

At the top of this tab in the section Activation is a checkbox labeled Enable desktop effects at startup. If there is no mark in front of this checkbox, then all visual effects are disabled.

All desktop effects can be turned on and off using the global shortcut Alt+Shift+F12.

Below that section there are some settings for the simple desktop effects like improved window management, various animations, effects for desktop switching and the animation speed.

All Effects tab

The main part of this page is a list of all available effects grouped by Accessibility, Appearance, Candy, Focus, Tools and Window Management. Use the incremental search bar above the list window to find items in the list.

Check an effect in the list to enable it. Display the About dialog by clicking the info button at the right side of the list item. Some effects have settings options, in this case there is a tool button at the left of the info button. Click it to open a configuration dialog.

Advanced tab

On this tab you can select a Compositing type and the Qt graphics system. In the next two sections you can configure General Options and OpenGL Options.