System Bell

Pat Dowler

Matthias Hoelzer

Mike McBride

Revision KDE 4.8 (2011-11-28)

The system bell or beep is a feature of the X server, which attempts to make good use of the available hardware.

KDE normally does not use the system bell; instead using its own system notifications, which could include log entries, message popups, or its own beep. You can configure these in the Manage Notifications System Settings module.


It is not always possible for the X server to actually make a beep sound with exactly the parameters selected due to hardware limitations. For example, on most PCs, volume control is not very good so the X server seems to fake low volume with a reduced duration of the sound. Thus, if the settings do not seem to do anything, this is because the X server and/or the hardware do not support anything better.

Select Use system bell instead of system notification then you are able to set the following parameters for the bell:

Volume (percentage of maximum volume)

Here you can customize the volume of the system bell.

Pitch (in Hz)

Here you can customize the pitch of the system bell.

Duration (in milliseconds)

Here you can customize the duration of the system bell.

For further customization of the bell, see the Accessibility System Settings module.

You can use the Test button to hear how the current settings will sound.