Capture Image Sequence

The Capture Image Sequence tool can be used to aquire images from cameras and CCDs in interactive and batch modes. Furthermore, you can select which filter, if any, you want to use for your images. The capture tool remains disabled until you establish a connection to an imaging device.

The above screenshot depicts a sample capture session. The tool provides the following options:

  • Camera/CCD

    • Device: The desired imaging device.

    • Prefix: The image prefix which will be prepended to each captured filename.

    • Exposure: The number of seconds to expose each frame.

    • Count: The number of images to aquire.

    • Delay: The delay in seconds between consecutive images.

    • ISO 8601 time stamp: Append ISO 8601 time stamp to the filename. (e.g. image_01_20050427T09:48:05).

  • Filter

    • Device: The desired filter device.

    • Filter: The desired filter slot. You can assign color values to slot numbers using the INDI page (e.g. Slot #1 = Red, Slot #2 = Blue..etc).

After you fill in the desired options, you can begin the capture procedure by pressing the Start button. You may cancel at any time using the Stop button. All captured images will be saved to the default FITS directory which can be specified in the INDI page of the settings dialog.

If you have more complex capturing requirements and conditions to fulfil, it is recommended to create a script to meet your specific needs using the Script Builder tool in the Tools menu.