Chapter 3. Command Reference

The Main KLettres Window

The File Menu

FileNew Sound (Ctrl+N)

Play a new sound

FileReplay Sound (F5)

Play the same sound again

FileGet Alphabet in New Language...

Opens the Get Hot New Stuff dialog for KLettres to download a new language

FileQuit (Ctrl+Q)

Quits KLettres

The Level Menu

LevelLevel 1

Choose the level 1 (letter displayed and sound)

LevelLevel 2

Choose the level 2 (no letter displayed, sound only)

LevelLevel 3

Choose the level 3 (syllable displayed and sound)

LevelLevel 4

Choose the level 4 (no syllable displayed, sound only)

The Language Menu


Choose the English language


Choose the French language

The Look Menu


Switch to the Kid theme


Switch to the Desert theme


Switch to the Savannah theme

LookMode Kid (Ctrl+K)

Toggle the kid mode: no menubar

LookMode Grown-up (Ctrl+G)

Toggle the grown-up mode: normal interface

Additionally KLettres has the common KDE Settings and Help menu items, for more information read the sections about the Settings Menu and Help Menu of the KDE Fundamentals.