Chapter 2. Using KHangMan

KHangMan screenshot

Here you can see KHangMan as it is the first time you run it. Category is Animals, language is default (English here, the default is your current KDE language if the data exists), the theme is "Sea". Any changes in category, language or theme (background) are written in the configuration file and restored in your next game.

Please note how easy it is to change the theme, just click on the combo box on the toolbar. Getting a new word and quitting the game are also easily done by clicking on the corresponding buttons on the toolbar.

General usage

A word is chosen and its letters are displayed as an underscore (_) symbol. You know how many letters there are in the word. You have to guess the word by trying one letter after another. You enter the letter in the text box and you either press the Enter key or click on the Guess button to see if the letter belongs or not to the word.

The word is picked at random and it is not the same as the previous word.


All the words are nouns (there are no verbs or adjectives, etc.).

If you need help guessing the word, you can click on the Show Hint icon in the toolbar and a hint will be displayed to give you some clue about the word. Clicking the Show Hint icon again will hide the hint.

Hints are not displayed in default start mode.

Usually, it is not important whether you type in lowercase or uppercase. The program converts all input into lowercase (except for German words beginning with an uppercase letter). The program does that automatically.

The current category, wins and losses are displayed in the statusbar.

Each time you guess a letter that is not in the word, another part of the hangman is drawn. You have 10 tries to guess the word. After that, the correct answer is displayed.

There are 4 categories: easy, medium, hard and animals, plus categories for other topics in some languages. The program scans for all data files in all languages and uses Kanagram words files as well.

In the easy category, the words are quite simple and related to everyday life. It is suitable for children from 6 to 9. The animals category contains only names of animals so they are easier to find. Some of them are easy, others are more difficult. In the medium category, the words are longer and more difficult. It is suitable for ages 9+. The hard category is just that, hard, i.e. the words are difficult to spell and not very well known. This category is challenging, even for adults.

After a word is guessed (or the hangman is completed), you are congratulated and prompted for another word. You can either click on Play again and another word is ready to be guessed or select another Category to play. To quit the game now select GameQuit or click the Quit icon in the toolbar.

You type the letter you want to try in the text box (the mouse cursor is ready in the text box) and you hit the Enter key or click the Guess button. If the letter belongs to the word, it takes its place, as many times as it appears in the word. If the letter does not belong to the word, it goes in the Misses field and a further part of the hangman is drawn on the right. You have ten tries and after that you lose and the correct word is displayed.

During the game, you can choose to start a new game by going in the Game menu and choosing New or clicking on the New icon on the toolbar. You can also change the category of words using the Category menu (this will bring you a new word for the new category).

The look can easily be changed with the Look toolbar holding the look dropdown box.

The Quit button on the toolbar allows you to easily quit the game.

You can also play the game with a local file installed on your machine that you will open using the Game menu and choosing Open.