Chapter 3. Menubar and toolbars

The Main KHangMan Window

The Game menu has 3 items: New, Get Words in New Language... and Quit.

New brings you a new game, i.e. a new word to guess, in the same category you already are. Get Words in New Language... will display the Get New Stuff dialog to allow you to download data in a new language. Quit quits the game by closing the main window and writing the actual settings in the configuration file.

The Category menu allows you to choose the category of words you want to play with and also three difficulty categories.

The Language menu allows you to change the language the words are displayed in.

The Look menu proposes four themes: the Sea Theme, the Winter Theme, the Bee Theme and the Desert Theme. The background and the font colors change for each theme.

The Settings menu allows you to configure KHangMan easily. First, Toolbars, Show Hint and Show Statusbar give you the possibility to hide or show the toolbars, hints and the statusbar.

There are four toolbars: the Main, Look and Language toolbars which are the one on top with the buttons and combo boxes and the Special Characters toolbar which, when it is shown, is on the bottom. This toolbar has buttons with the special characters for each language: accented letters and other special characters. This allows users to easily play in another language without having to configure a new keyboard layout. You click on a special letter and it is displayed as the letter to try. Pressing Enter will make the program see if the letter is present in the word or not. The toolbar can be hidden if you don't want it. This is saved in the configuration file so if the toolbar is hidden, it will be hidden next time you run KHangMan.


It is of course possible to move the toolbars around. Put the mouse cursor on the small handle on the left of the toolbar, press the left mouse button and drag the toolbar to position it on the screen where you want it. If you point the mouse on one of the toolbars and press the right mouse button, a context menu appears to let you choose different options for the toolbar.

Configure Shortcuts... is a standard KDE setting dialog that allows you to choose different shortcut keys for different actions. For example, Ctrl+Q is the standard shortcut for Quit.

Configure Toolbars... is also a standard KDE menu item that allows you to add or suppress items from the toolbar.

KHangMan Desert theme

Here you have KHangMan with the Desert theme, French language and category Easy. The Special Characters toolbar is shown here.

The category is chosen with a combo box in the toolbar or via the Category menu in the menubar. Available are Easy, Medium, Animals and Hard and some more. Easy is related to common objects a child aged six or seven knows. Medium regards nouns a bit more challenging, Hard is quite difficult and Animals is only animals nouns. There are also some other categories of words, depending on the language.

All words are nouns. No verbs, no adjectives. The chosen category is then displayed on the statusbar.

Only letters are allowed to be typed in the text box.