Monitoring who is online

Konversation will keep you informed when your buddies are connected to the IRC network or not.

You can associate online nicknames with contact entries in your address book. When you do this, the nickname and IRC network where the nickname is online are entered into the contact in the address book. The IRC network is recorded because nicknames are unique across a single IRC network. The nickname in two different IRC networks is not necessarily the same person, but the same nickname on two different servers within the same IRC network generally is the same person.


This is why it is important to use the same Network for all servers in the same IRC network, when defining networks, servers, and auto join channels.

You can also define nicknames you want watched that are not in your address book. In this case also, each nickname has an associated IRC network. See below.

To activate the nickname watching feature, choose WindowWatched Nicks Online on the main menu. The Watched Nicks Online screen will appear.

Watched Nicks Online


The nicknames in your watch list and also the nicknames associated with entries in your address book are listed here. They are listed under their associated IRC network. If no nicknames are listed, either you haven't specified any nicknames to watch, or you need to activate the nickname watching feature (see below). Expand each online nickname to see a list of channels the nickname has joined. The icons next to each channel are the same as the icons that appear in the Nick Panel in the channel screens.


The information known about the nickname is displayed here. When the Watched Nicks Online screen is first displayed, this information is sparse. Every 20 seconds, one WHOIS command is automatically sent to the server to request information for nicknames that do not have any information. This continues until all nicknames have information.


Use these buttons to associate a nickname with a contact in your address book, remove an association, or open the address book to edit the contact information. See the KAddressBook Handbook for additional instructions on using the KDE address book.

To add a single nickname to watch, open the context menu in the Nick List by clicking with the right mouse button on a nickname and select Add to Watched Nicks. If you want to add several nicknames choose SettingsConfigure Konversation from the main menu, expand Notifications and click on Watched Nicknames. The Watched Nicknames screen appears.

Watched Nicknames


Check this box to activate the nickname watcher feature.


If you want the Watched Nicks Online screen to automatically display when you open Konversation, check this box.


The nicknames of the users you want to monitor are listed here. Each nickname has an associated IRC network.


Click these buttons to Add or Remove nicknames from the list.


The Watched Nicks Online feature works by periodically polling the server. This box sets how often that occurs. Avoid numbers less than 20 seconds because it places excessive load on the server.


In the Watched Nicks Online screen above, you may double click on any nickname and this command will be sent to the server. %u will be replaced with the nickname. The %n is required at the end of the command.

Click the OK button when you have finished adding or removing nicknames.

Note: Whenever you display the Watched Nicks Online screen, it may take a while before any nicknames are displayed until Konversation has polled the server. Normally, you leave the Watched Nicks Online screen running.

Konversation also displays a message in all the channels whenever a user in your Watched Nicknames list connects or disconnects from the server. The message looks like this:

[17:52] [Notify] psn is online (