Chapter 1. Overview

KPlayer is a multimedia player for the K Desktop Environment.

KPlayer uses MPlayer as the media playing backend, and therefore offers the best playback quality and performance and the widest variety of supported video, audio and subtitle formats, input methods and output options. Specifically, MPlayer supports playing from local files, DVDs, video CDs, audio CDs, TV and DVB cards, as well as network locations using many types of protocols.

However, KPlayer is much more that just an MPlayer frontend. In addition to KDE integration and an easy to use interface that follows KDE standards, it offers a multimedia library, playlist support, many additional input methods using KDE I/O Slaves, and last but not least the ability to easily choose many different options for each individual file or URL, giving you flexibility not found in any other media player.

KPlayer is a fully customizable program that you can configure and fine tune for your system and your personal preferences, from changing the way video is shown and sound is played and setting any playback option MPlayer understands to arranging the player controls inside KPlayer window, changing the buttons on the toolbars and defining new shortcut key combinations.