Other settings

KDE is known as the most flexible and configurable desktop environment, and KPlayer is no exception. In addition to the configuration options described in previous sections, there are many more options, most of which are accessible through the KPlayer configuration dialog. Select Settings Configure KPlayer... to open it.

The dialog is divided into several sections. Some of them affect KPlayer behavior, including general options. The Controls section tells KPlayer which changes it should remember globally and which ones it should store in individual file properties, and its subsections allow you to fine tune individual KPlayer controls, including progress, volume, contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, and slider controls in general. Other sections affect options that KPlayer uses for interaction with MPlayer and control various aspect of multimedia playback, including video, audio, subtitles and advanced options.

The Configuration dialog chapter gives complete details on each section and all the available options.

Some additional options that apply to the main KPlayer window are available from the title bar popup menu that you can get by right clicking the title bar or left clicking the little button in the top left corner of KPlayer window or by pressing Alt+F3.