View Layouts

KPovModeler comes with a default view layout: The object tree and the object properties view to the left and four graphical views to the right.

If you don't like the default layout, or need another layout, you can freely configure it. You can even save multiple view layouts and switch between them on the fly.

Modifying the View Layout

You can move the existing views by dragging the handle on top of the views around while the Ctrl key is pressed.

The dock widget handle

To dock a widget above or below an existing view, drag the handle to the top or bottom of a view. A rectangle will indicate the new position.

To create a new column, drag the handle to the right or left side of another view. The view will then dock to the left or right side of the view and span the full height.

If you want multiple views sharing the same space, drag the handle to the center of another view. You can then switch between the views by clicking the corresponding tab on top of the views.

The tabbed view layout

The last layout possibility are floating views: views that are not docked into the main view. To undock a view, drag the handle to the desktop or press the little arrow in the view handle that points to the top left side.

To close a view, click the little cross in the handle. To prevent closing, click the little box between the arrow and the cross.

You can add additional views to the main window. The View menu contains entries for each type of view. New views will be created as floating windows.

Saving a View Layout

You can save the current view layout with ViewSave View Layout... A dialog opens that lets you select an existing layout or create a new one.

You can then fine-tune your view layout in the settings dialog.

Switching between View Layouts

You can switch to a saved view layout by selecting the entry in the ViewView Layout menu.