The Wireframe Views

The Orthographic Views

The orthographic wireframe views show the scene as an orthographic projection on one of the coordinate planes.

The top wireframe view

There are six types of orthographic wireframes views:

  • Top

  • Bottom

  • Left

  • Right

  • Front

  • Back

Each type renders the scene from a different perspective.

Graphical Attribute Changes

In the orthographic views you can change object attribute properties graphically with the mouse.

The control points of the camera object

The above screenshot shows the control points of the camera. You can drag the control points around to change the camera's position and direction.

If a transformation is selected, the control points are removed and a small cross is displayed in the wireframe view. The cross marks the center for scaling and rotation, as well as the position for translations. You can change the transformation with the mouse by dragging inside the whole view.

Some objects like the bicubic patch support selection and modification of multiple control points.

left mouse buttonSelects one control point and deselects all others
Ctrl-Left Mouse ButtonSelects or deselects one control point
Shift-Left Mouse ButtonDrag a rectangle. All control points inside the rectangle are selected, the others deselected
Shift-Ctrl-Left Mouse ButtonDrag a rectangle. All control points inside the rectangle are selected

Display Window Selection

You can zoom and translate the view to change the display window.

middle mouse buttonTranslates the view
wheelZooms the view around the mouse position
Left, Right, Up, Down Translates the view
Ctrl+Left, Ctrl+RightZooms the view

The Camera View

The camera view displays the scene from the camera's point of view.

The camera view

The blue box displays the field of view when the scene is rendered.

You cannot change control points in the camera view.

Visibility Levels

By default all objects are displayed in the wireframe views.

Each object with a wire frame has a visibility level. You can specify a visibility level relative to the parent's visibility level or an absolute value. Objects are only displayed if they are selected or their visibility level is smaller or equal the chosen scene visibility level in the toolbar.