Chapter 2. The KPovModeler Interface

When you start KPovModeler, the default layout is as follows:

The default view layout

The Object Tree

The object tree displays the objects inside the scene and their hierarchy.

The object tree

Selecting Objects

In the object tree you can select objects. Once you select an object, its attributes are displayed in the properties view and rendered yellow in the wireframe views.

You can select multiple objects. However, you cannot select a child of an already selected object, because all children are selected indirectly with the parent.

If only one object is selected, it is referred to as the active object from now on.

Adding new Objects

To add a new object to the object tree, select the object where you want to insert the new object and either click the icon in the toolbar or choose a menu entry in the Insert menu.

There are three possible positions for new objects:

  • As the first child of the active object

  • As the last child of the active object

  • As a sibling of the active object

If there is more than one position possible, the following popup menu prompts you to select the correct position:

The insert position popup

Removing Objects

To remove objects, select them and select Delete from either the Edit menu or the right mouse button context menu.

Moving Objects

To move objects, drag and drop the selected objects on to the object tree.

You can cut the object and insert it at the new position as well.