Chapter 8. Menu Reference

The File Menu

FileNew (Ctrl+N)

Create a new scene.

FileOpen... (Ctrl+O)

Open a file. The standard file dialog will allow you to choose a file you have previously created with KPovModeler

FileOpen Recent

Open a file from a list of the files you have been recently working on.

Whenever you open or create a new model, it is added to this submenu, replacing the oldest entry in the list.


Import a POV-Ray scene created outside KPovModeler.

A normal file dialog will open, allowing you to choose your file. Povray files usually have the extensions *.pov or *.inc.

FileSave (Ctrl+S)

Save the currently active scene.

If you have already saved this model, it will be saved with the same name. If it is a new file, you will be asked to name it and choose a location to save it.

FileSave As...

Save the currently active scene with a new name.


Export the scene as a POV-Ray file.

The file save dialog will allow you to choose a name and location to save the file.


KPovModeler will automatically add the .pov extension.


Revert the scene to the state it was in the last time you saved it. Changes you have made since the last save will be lost.

FilePrint... (Ctrl+P)

Printing is not implemented yet.

FileClose (Ctrl+W)

Close the current scene without closing KPovModeler

FileQuit (Ctrl+Q)

Quit KPovModeler. If you have any unsaved changes, you will be given a chance to save them.