Exporting and Importing

Exporting and Importing a Whole Scene

You can export a scene to POV-Ray with the FileExport... menu entry.

The file save dialog will allow you to choose a name and location to save the file.


KPovModeler will automatically add the .pov extension.

To import a POV-Ray scene select the FileImport... menu item and choose a file in the file open dialog.


Not the full POV-Ray syntax is supported by KPovModeler at the moment. If there are errors or warnings during importing, a dialog will show up that lists all messages.


If you want to import unsupported code to KPovModeler, put the source between the two special comments //*PMRawBegin and //*PMRawEnd.

Exporting and Importing single Objects

You can drag objects from the object tree to an editor to export POV-Ray code. This will insert the objects code into the current text file in the editor. To import objects into the scene, simply select the code in your editor and drag it on to the object tree.

You can use the copy and paste functionality of KPovModeler and your editor to exchange POV-Ray code as well.