The View Layout Page

In this page you can fine-tune existing view layouts or manually create new ones. See section View Layouts how to create and save view layouts.

The default View Layout

The combo box Default view layout: lists all available view layouts. KPovModeler uses the selected view layout at program start.

List of View Layouts

The list Available View Layouts shows all available view layouts. You can add a new layout with the Add button and remove the selected layout with the Remove button.

The selected view layout is displayed in the box View Layout

View Layout Details

Each view layout is identified by its name. The name has to be unique and must not be empty.

The list below the name displays all views for the selected view layout. You can add new views with the Add button and remove the selected view with the Remove button.

The attributes of the views are:


The view type. See The KPovModeler Interface for a description of each view type.

3D view type:

The projection for wire frame views. You can choose one of the six orthographic projections or the camera mode.

Dock position:

The position of the view. New Column will create a new column to the right side of the previous views, Below will dock the view below the previous view, Tabbed will create a tabbed view together with the previous one and Floating will not dock the view into the main window but create a separate window.

Column width:

The width of the column in percent of the main view width.

View height:

The view height in percent of the main view height.

Width: and Height:

The size in pixels for floating views.

Position x: and y:

The position on the desktop for floating views.