Chapter 5. Basic Tutorial: Creating your first Scene

OK, that's it. You have just installed POV-Ray and KPovModeler, and now you already want to start without much knowledge of any of the two softwares. Here we go now: If you follow the steps of this tutorial, you'll be able to set the ultimate simple scene, very widespread among the newbies: A sphere over a plane.

At any time you can render your scene using one of the following methods:

Using the menu: ViewRender

Using the toolbar: Click on the icon

But you should carefully consider the following warnings before complaining if all you get is a black screen. If this is the very first time you use a 3D software, you should be aware of these golden rules:

  • If you set no camera, no rules apply to the render engine which can't render a proper picture, ending in a black picture.

  • If you set no light system, all your scene is in the dark, ending in a black picture.

  • The objects for which no material has been set won't show on the rendered picture, ever.

Step 1: Start KPovModeler

If you got everything installed fine, once KPovModeler is loaded, you discover the following default windows setting:

Take a few minutes to explore the menus and icons available. If you have time, please read the documentation in order to get a fair idea of what you can expect from this piece of software.

You will have to use each of them intensively from now on, so always keep them and their use in mind.

KPovModeler starts with a simple scene. In order to follow this tutorial you first have to remove all objects from the object tree. Select the scene and choose the EditDelete menu entry. You should now have an empty scene.