Step 7: Setting a Material for the Sphere

With the sphere selected, you can now set a material for it. As we already did for the ground, let's give to the sphere a pigment color:

Using the menu: InsertTexturesPigment

Using the toolbar: Click on the icon

Select First Child and rename to Sphere pigment, for example. With the sphere pigment entry selected, insert a solid color and set the parameters as follow:

Using the menu: InsertTexturesSolid Color

Using the toolbar: Click on the icon

You already can render the scene and get a first poor result:

But there are more interesting effects to achieve if we take time to set some finish attributes:

Using the menu: InsertTexturesFinish

Using the toolbar: Click on the icon.

Then change the values according to the following snapshot and press Apply or hit Enter.

The Specular and Reflection parameters give particularly good visual effects, perfect for glass or chrome-like effects, even if Metallic hasn't been chosen at this step: