Step 6: Creating the Sphere

For this step, we should already be at ease, because we begin to understand KPovModeler's general behavior. In the object tree, select the scene entry. Creating the sphere is as easy as creating the ground:

Using the menu: InsertFinite Solid PrimitivesSphere

Using the toolbar: Click on the icon.

As before, select First Child when asked for.

The object properties view offers you immediately to change its settings, which we'll do right now. By setting the Radius value to 1 (don't forget to hit Enter or press Apply), we make sure that the sphere will be in contact with the ground. Otherwise, since we moved the ground one unit bottom, the sphere will look like floating above the ground.

Of course, a rendering now will give a strange result: As already seen before, the sphere appears with a black matte material. We will set a proper material in the following step.