Chapter 3. Command Reference

The KGraphViewer Menus

The File Menu

FileOpen (Ctrl+O)

Displays the Open File dialog.

FileOpen Recent

Displays the list of the ten most recently opened graph files.

FileExport GraphAs Image...

Allows to export the full graph to a png image.

FilePrint... (Ctrl+P)

Prints the current graph using the currently set print parameters.

FilePrint Preview...

Opens the Print Preview window for the current graph.

FilePage Setup

Opens the Page Setup dialog for the current graph.

FileQuit (Ctrl+Q)

Quits KGraphViewer.

The View Menu


Reloads the current graph.

ViewZoom In (Ctrl++)

Zoom in the current graph by 10%.

ViewZoom Out (Ctrl+-)

Zoom out the current graph by 10%.

ViewEnable Bird's-eye View (Ctrl+B)

When checked, the Bird's-eye view is displayed when necessary. Otherwise, it is hidden and its positioning menu is disabled.

ViewBirds-eye View

Configure where to place the bird-eye view in the graph view. Choices are:

Top Left

Places the bird's-eye view at the top left corner;

Top Right

Places the bird's-eye view at the top right corner;

Bottom Left

Places the bird's-eye view at the bottom left corner;

Bottom Right

Places the bird's-eye view at the bottom right corner;


Automatically choose the best position to hide as little of the graph as possible.

The Help Menu

HelpKGraphViewer Handbook (F1)

Invokes the KDE Help system starting at the KGraphViewer help pages. (this document).

HelpWhat's This? (Shift+F1)

Changes the mouse cursor to a combination arrow and question mark. Clicking on items within KGraphViewer will open a help window (if one exists for the particular item) explaining the item's function.

HelpReport Bug...

Opens the Bug report dialog where you can report a bug or request a wishlist feature.

HelpSwitch Application Language...

Opens a dialog where you can edit the Primary language and Fallback language for this application.

HelpAbout KGraphViewer

This will display version and author information.

HelpAbout KDE

This displays the KDE version and other basic information.